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Check your temperature;
Contactless using infrared;
Ready-for-use delivery.

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Indoors and outdoors applicable;
Dust- and watertight (IP65);
Functions in temperatures from -10°C to 60° C;
Wall support included.


Check the temperature of your co-workers and visitors fast and effective.

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User friendly and reliable fever check!

  • Fast check
  • Fast delivery
  • Accuracy 0,2ᴼC
  • Scan time 1-2 seconds
  • Scandistance 0,5 - 1 meter
  • Compact size (29,7 x 13,3 cm)
  • Equipped with notification sound
  • Functions stand-alone (No data saving)
  • Standard temperature alarm 38ᴼC or higher
  • Temperature check using infrared heat display
  • Compatible to most current entry checks (90%)

Fast and effective entry check for your visitors

Helps protecting your co-works.

Reliable temperature check

For a safer working environment


The solution for working more safely!

The World Health Organisation researched the most occurring symptoms for patients that are infected with the Coronavirus. This research tells us that 87,9% of all Corona patients show symptoms of fever. Unfortunately, Covid-19 virus has not yet been resolved.

Working more safely in these times? Using TemperatureCheck, you can check if your co-workers and visitors have a higher temperature in a fast and simple way. The device is highly suited as an entrance check for your co-workers and visitors prior to entering the building. If the display lights up red, it means your temperature is too high and you have to go home.

As an employer, you remain of course responsible for the use of this save tool, with which you consider the well-being of your employees and visitors to you company to be high. You increase your involvement to each person and you achieve peace of mind and a safe feeling to everyone.


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Instantly applicable in the hospitality business!

It will be possible to check your visitors’ temperature at the door. If the display lights up red and the alarm goes off, it means the temperature of your visitor is too high and he or she cannot enter the establishment. this way, you can offer your co-workers a safer working environment.

Sporting with a feeling of security!

Using TemperatuurCheck at the entrance of your sporting establishment, you can check every person for higher temperature or fever. If the display lights up red, then the person can be sent home. This brings your employees and visitors a feeling of more security.


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